Top 3 Tips: How to Control Impulse Buying




I am no financial expert but I sure do know what it feels like to see that beautiful dress on sale and you instantly want to buy it at all cost.

Most ladies including myself can testify to the fact that we tend to buy things we do not necessarily need. Heck I use to come across things in my closet that I could not even remember when I bought them and what that the hell I was thinking at the time. (I am still trying to figure out why I own a feather looking earring)

Does anyone go through that phase during a new year or new month where you tell yourself Oh lawd! this year, I am going to make sure I save every month so that by the end of…………….. Blah blah blah. We all know without determination and effort those words become total B.S

Soooo my dear if you are one of those that cannot say no to new clothes, new shoes, new hair extensions, new whatever then I have three tips to help you take baby steps in order to save some money for the future.

First step, when leaving your house make sure you have just enough money for your daily expenses. This may sound like general knowledge or common sense but most people tend to carry more than they averagely spend on a daily basis. If you spend ten Ghana cedis a day, then the most you should have on you should be fifteen cedis. In that way,when walking past that boutique and you are tempted to buy that shirt on display, your wallet would give you a quick reminder that  “honey, not today.” I know there are some impulse buyers that are always searching for the nearest atm machine to cash out and buy something less important. How do you feel when you see your account balance? Try to think of your atm card as only for necessities or an emergency. That expensive dinner or wrist watch is not a necessity you can definitely live without it. At all cost avoid asking your friend or colleague for money during such situations, he may be your friend for years but he sure is judging you in his mind every time you start with the phrase “Oh please can I borrow some money”  Don’t ask me how I know I just do okay. If you are that kind of person please stop.

The next tip is for my online shoppers, If you buy things on impulse, then you probably do not want to be saving your credit card information for the next purchase. Yes it is easier and quicker but you would most likely save a lot. Imagine a scenario where you  are browsing online and you come across this beautiful chain you can very well do without , before you decide to reach out and get your credit card and type in your details you would have hopefully talked yourself out of it,especially if you are a lazy bee like me.

The last and final tip. STAY HOME! This is for all of you who have no job or not enough zeros in your bank account but you always want to party every weekend.  The next time a friend calls you and says “Yo today is Friday turn down for what?” Well just know it would not hurt to skip that outing. You would be surprised how much money you can save from fuel, tequila shots and all other toxins most of us try to force into our bellies every weekend.

Anyway, with that being said if you work hard for your money and you want to splurge once in while then go ahead. But if you are young just like me who is still struggling to save and you have property or and you always want to buy every nice thing you see  then well…….





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