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Although she may be my least favorite actress due to the fact that nine years and still counting I am still Team Aniston and some way some how I wish Jen and Brad could just kiss and make up (Yes I am still hung up on the past, I know) Regardless of that awkward leg pose, the Versace number Angelina Jolie wore at the 2012 Oscars is one dress that may have revolutionized the slit trend

Whether it is a one slit or two or showing as high as the pelvic bone, some celebrities make it look effortless. Today lets take a look at some celebrities rocking this trend


I do not know if I should call her a celebrity but Kendall Jenner from the Kardashian clan gave us some serious  pelvic bone cleavage action. I must admit I have mixed feelings about this dress. Confession time 🙂 I am still trying to zoom in to see if I could get sneak peak of errrr what should i call it? Her garden of Eden?…maybe

Next is my favorite Destiny’s Child member ( oh yes, I do not care what you beehives think) Kelly Rowland, looking fabulous in an all black number, although I think Mrs Witherspoon was showing a little too much skin. But heey can you blame her? If u have it, flaunt it


Other celebrities such as Lala Anthony, Michelle Williams, Alessandra Ambrosio and Ghana’s very own Sister Deborah have all joined in on the action



Screenshot_2014-07-02-02-05-33-1Booooy did I wish my Kaba and slits were this high back in secondary school. Ladies would you rock this trend?

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