Top Tips: Living Alone/Dealing With Loneliness


Hey guys who missed? I have joined the “corporate world” now and the nine to five blues is just making me go gaga.  Anyway enough about my problems, today on top tips we are going to talk about living alone/dealing with loneliness (I couldn’t figure out which one I should settle for). You tend to find people in toxic relationships just because they claim they cannot be by themselves, I find that to be errrm what’s the most polite word….very silly. Last time I checked caskets never came with bunk beds.  Don’t get me wrong we all need somebody but not when that person is detrimental to your health.

1. First tip to living alone is: LOVE YOURSELF

Cliche but very true. In order for you to enjoy your own company you must first learn to appreciate everything about your fabulous self including your flaws. No, I am not saying turn into pompous or conceited prick but learn to accept the fact that you were created for a purpose and your existence is not at the mercy of any human being.



Now some lonely people tend to find comfort in food and however do less physical or social activities. Living alone does not exempt you from what’s out there. That is even the time to take advantage of the situation and partake in social or leisure activities. If you are the type who goes all out on the booze especially when it is free at social events please note that nobody is going to take care of you when you get home. That is if you find your way back home.

3.Last tip to living alone is: HAVE SOME ENTERTAINMENT IN YOU LIFE.

I am not saying adopt a cat, especially when you find it hard to even clean up your own mess. Whether it is the television, radio, youtube even (lol just had to toss that in there) But my point is a little bit of music, a little bit of comedy goes a long way, honestly I find these two combos to be very therapeutic.

So there it is, my top three tips to dealing with loneliness/living alone. I hope it helped a lonely soul today

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