Interview With Rising Ghanaian Hiphop Act Rumor

Screenshot_2014-10-03-16-46-55-1 Hey guys its time for another exciting interview, today we get up close and personal with the talented Ghanaian artiste, Rumor. He talks about the challenges of being a hiphop act in Ghana, his belief that the Ghanaian music industry is non existent, what inspires him musically, plus ladies I bet you want to know if this fine brother is of the market or not right? Lets get to it.

Every emerging artiste wants that hit song, how pressurizing or frustrating is it for you every time you record a new song?

I’m not pressured at all. And besides what’s a hit song? You can’t determine what a hit song is till the listeners make it one. But it is frustrating I must say cause usually i feel like I’m in the wrong geographical area.


I bet you do. Now lets go back into time, briefly take us through your childhood, how was it like growing up for you?

Oh that was a great time to be human. Carefree, worry-free, you know. I experienced all that a Ghanaian childhood came with at the time. Making tin cars, flying kites, counters ball etc. Of course there was the music which I was getting heavily introduced to. But I did miss out on a some things as a child. I kinda grew up fast and had to man up to face certain realities in my life from about age 14. But i had a fairly good childhood.

Sounds like you had an interesting childhood, at what point in time in your life did you decide you wanted to pursue  music as a career?

I’m not sure. 2011, maybe. I wonder, sometimes, if I’m pursuing music full-time. I’m just walking. That’s it. I’m walking.

Okay Mr Walker… lol, what inspires you to write a verse/song?

A situation. An experience. Or sometimes words just possess me and I have to pen them.


Speaking of inspiration who are some the artiste you look up to both locally and internationally?

 I don’t look up to anyone musically anymore. Maybe the business of music and business in general. But definitely not the art. Nah.

Wow now that’s the first time I’ve heard any artiste say that. But I would like to know, who would you love to collaborate with?

 Any dope Ghanaian or African artiste. Internationally, Lupe fiasco, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Chrisette Michelle… list goes on

Now in an era where almost every music lover just wants to dance how challenging is it being a hiphop artiste in Ghana?

 Dance is a great part of our culture as Africans so I can’t get mad at that. I honestly think everyone has a share of the market. Like right now, hiphop is doing better than it ever has in this country. You can dance to hiphop as well just not the Ghanaian kind of dance lol. I mean in the western world they dance to hiphop. It’s not so much the issue of dance as it is of language, though.

Couldn’t agree more. What do you think of the Ghanaian music industry today?

 I think it’s non existent. Period.

Do you think anyone can be economically dependent on a career in music without a “side hustle”?

 Everything is impossible till it’s done. So for now it doesn’t seem likely in Ghana. But I think it’s possible.

Now a question I’m sure all Rumor groupies want to know, is rumor “boo’d up”?

Nah I’m single. “I love me enough for the both of us

Finally, social media handles for everyone who wants to get in touch with you

Twitter, Tumblr, instagram, soundcloud (@kidnamedru).

For those who probably have no idea who Rumor is, check out this dope music video titled Must Ash

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