“Ebola Is Not A Death Sentence” Celebrities Launch #CrushEbolaNowCampaign

ebola campaign

The sad news is Ebola has turned into a global epidemic. With the help of celebrities including Idris Elba, Former British Prime Minster Tony Blair, Angelique Kidjo, Naomi Campbell and more, “Hunger games” star Jeferry Wright has launced a PSA addresing how Ebola can be curbed.

Jeffery Wright spoke to Okay Africa on why he decided to launch the campaign.In the interview he said I first went to Sierra Leone in 2001 during the war and I’ve been involved ever since. I set up a company and a foundation that work together for developing a natural resource project there but in close partnership with local communities, trying to create a mining company for the 21st century. So we’ve been operating in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone in the Kailahun district since 2003

He further stated that The worst aspect of the narrative to this point, I think, is that it has further served to do what we too often do when we view the people of this region and that is to rob them of their dignity and their strengths and devalue them. With this PSA understanding that people are facing some extraordinary challenges we are trying nonetheless to celebrate their strengths and their beauty and their dignity in the face of these challenges and remind people that there are not only Americans and Europeans who have survived this thing but there have been heroic Sierra Leoneans, Liberians and Guineans who have survived as well and they survived because they managed to get early and proper medical treatment

Watch the featured video below:


For donations and more information visit www.ebolasurvivalfund.org


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