Top Tips: Anger Management


Controlling your temper can be hard sometimes, from that guy taking your parking spot, that idiot crossing the kenkey queue to that reckless trotro driver. There are soo many things that can make you go from classy to ghetto within seconds.Today on top tips we take a short anger management class, hopefully we would learn a few pointers on how to control our temper.

1) First tip: Walk Away

It may seem like a difficult thing to do especially when you  just want to “check” that guy who disrespected you right? But think about it, someone who is already in the gutter has no shame. You screaming your lungs out just because some rasclut driver crossed you in traffic isn’t going to change anything (truth be told I do that Honestly walking away from a situation that can trigger anger, saves you from a lot of stress and heartache.

2) Ignore, fake a smile and think about something else

Some people say you know someone is crazy when he/she starts smiling instead throwing a tantrum. But would it be worth it if you smashed everything apart just because a colleague said something silly about you? Ignoring the situation and pretending like nothing ever happened would  most likely leave the other person second guessing and also feeling very stupid.

3) Apologize

There are no VIP sections in the mortuary now or are there?  Apologizing even when you are not in the wrong never makes you any less of a person. Rather, it cuts off any unnecessary confrontation in the future.

Now do note, I am not saying be a “softie” and not stand up for what is right. However we all know certain confrontations can be easily avoided.

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