Hot Shots of The Day: Patoranking On The Cover Of MyStreetz Magazine

PatorankingPatoranking is definitely a game changer when it comes to the African music scene. Photographed by August Udoh, the “Girle O” hit maker graced the latest issue of MyStreetz Magazine.

The publisher of MyStreetz, Sesan Adeniji said “Everything that evolution is all about is what a new generation Dancehall artiste like Patoranking is to the evolution of Reggae/Dancehall music. Music will continue to evolve with the state of mind of the nation and that of its target audience. The best we can do during this transformation is to keep in mind the basic elements of the various genres. Anyone that fails to realize this reality will either be left behind disgruntled and dejected. The factors that characterizes and defines Reggae music from the time it was originated, is arguably one of its major Achilles heels from enjoying widespread patronage among the young and new generation audience. Reggae music was gradually hitting an all-time low within young generation of music lovers until Dancehall artistes like Patoranking stepped in and rejuvenated the scene just like the artiste Blackky did some years back. The argument will continue to arise about the content of Blackky’s and Patoranking’s music to what Reggae was supposed to be but the truth is this, it’s a changing world. As long as they obey the fundamental structure of this genre, the message will continue to evolve depending on the part of the world they live in and the state of mind of the majority of their audience”

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