Top Tips: How To Avoid Leading People On / How to Say No

Screenshot_2013-06-19-01-00-32-1As humans we always have the tendency to someway somehow try to please others. Whether its your friend asking for a favor you know you are incapable of handling but you say yes only for you cancel at the very last minute or that guy or girl who is interested in you but you know there is not a chance in hell you would like to date him or her but you still lead them on. Saying not interested or no is not a taboo especially if its said in a polite manner. Today I have top three tips on how to say no or how to avoid leading people on.

1. Know that as an individual you are entitled to make your decisions. Yes there might be a feeling of guilt when you decline a friend’s  request. Even if the person might end up having a negative perception about you or worse talk slick behind your back. At the end of the day if you can’t do it, you can’t do it, it is not by force.

2. “I will get back to you” Trust and believe this phrase has helped me a lot in awkward situations where i just didn’t know what to say PS: if you know me personally and I have ever told you that well errmm…”Me no speak English” On a serious note saying ”I will get back” to buys you more time on preparing or coming up with a brilliant answer on how to politely say NO. You could also, never come up with an answer (which I’m most often guilty of lol..don’t judge me)

3. Now when it comes to matters of the heart, its a little delicate. But if a guy or a girl ask you out and know you do not like the person, do not use that as your opportunity to cash in on gifts and all that only for you disappoint them in the long run. Just say “unfortunately  I can’t date you right now, its nothing personal” Now there are some suckers who think even if someone says NO they mean YES even when you have clearly spelt out NO with an entire dissertation. You know what you do with such a person, whatever that person buys you take it even if its the most expensive thing on earth. Now if that person begins to feel betrayed and becomes violent or aggressive, do not come looking for me. Have a great week

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