Artiste Spotlight: Faarrow From Somalia

FaarrowHey there, I have a new obsession! It is a Somalian duo named Faarrow. They kind of remind of Brick and Lace when they first burst into the scenes. All I hope is that, these two actually pull through and do not have a sad ending.

Anyway here is their story, Iman and Siham Hashl make up the group Faarrow. In their native language, Iman means ”Faith” and Siham means ”Arrow” hence the name Faarrow (pretty clever huh?)


If are not living under a rock, then you know Somalia have had their fair share of civil wars. The Hashl family (I’m guessing that’s their surname) relocated to Canada as refugees. Apparently it was some kind of cultural taboo for Somalian females to pursue a career in music so they kept their musical aspirations to themselves. Long story short, when they finally decided to join the stardom club, they moved to Atlanta to pursue their dreams. Just like any other successful career in this world they experienced a few mishaps. Either way, they are here now and I am loving them. I would describe their personal style and music as Rihanna meets M.I.A (but with better vocals)


Checkout their rendition of American 90’s group, Fugees – Ready or Not and Sia’s Chandelier and tell us what you think.


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