Cosmopolitan Magazine Set To Launch In Ghana

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Now you do not have to wait to travel abroad to get your hands on Cosmo. The young women’s magazine is set to launch an online version in a couple of countries in the Motherland which include Ghana, Botswana and Kenya. South Africa is already enjoying the magazine’s print and digital editions. Just about a month ago Nigeria got a taste of the magazine’s online edition

In a recent article with Financial Times, the chief executive officer of Hearst Magazine International, Duncan Edwards said:

“We want to be the largest young women’s website in the world — Sub-Saharan Africa is of great interest to our advertising customers, particularly to personal goods groups such as Unilever and Procter & Gamble, whose product ads are omnipresent in women’s magazines”

Cosmo would also be launched in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.  The magazine is also hiring local editors in the US, UK and Australia

I just hope our African acts would be showcased in the upcoming digital editions.

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