Rising Ghanaian Actress Maame Adjei Shines In AfroBougee’s Nouveau Noir Campaign


Actress, producer, and artist Maame Adjei is AfroBougee’s muse for their recent Nouveau Noir campaign. If you are wondering what AfroBougee is, well it is an up and coming Ghanaian online publication that seeks to showcase the eclectic beauty of Africa. In their own words Afrobougee describes its medium as “Africa’s premium portal delivering an invigorating perspective on all aspects of the African art spectrum”


Maame Adjei is definitely an embodiment of Nouveau Noir, The An African City actress shines in black and white Christie Brown and Ameyo ensembles. In the behind the scenes footage of the campaign she says

”I am someone who seeks to use my passion to elevate my community, my country and myself”

Lovely, checkout the rest of the video below:


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