#WomenWithVision : Interview With One Of Ghana’s Successful Entrepreneurs – Sandra Appiah

sandra appiah

The new generation of women are not sitting at home and just looking pretty anymore, they are now the movers and shakers of many industries. One of such women is Sandra Appiah, she is originally from Ghana but resides in the US. In 2013, Sandra was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30: Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. Sandra Appiah has worked with many huge media companies including MTV, New York Times and HBO. She also the Co-founder of Face 2 Face Africa, a platform dedicated to promote content from the motherland.

For the month of February we shine the light on one Ghana’s brightest stars as she talks about what it takes to hold down the household and still be a boss chick, her new show – The Sandra Appiah Show, her most interesting and worst interview yet, tips for upcoming entrepreneurs and more. Check it out

– Found out you suffered from racial discrimination early on in life, how important is it for Africans worldwide to tell ”the African story” ?

It’s an obligation for Africans to have a strong, influential platform where they can dictate the stories and news concerning Africa. Telling our own stories is the only way we can protect  and control the “brand” of Africa, and consequently affect how every young African sees him/herself.
       -Speaking of the “African story” your very own show –  The Sandra Appiah Show has just kicked off, briefly tell us what to expect in the upcoming episodes?
The pilot season is composed of eight riveting episodes, where I sit down with both icons and rising stars, including fashion icon Alek Wek, controversial musician Femi Kuti, prominent Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, renowned orthopedic surgeon and founder of FOCOS Foundation Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, the new face of African fashion, designer Kibonen Nfi, master-chef Eric Adjepong, founder of WIE Network Dee Poku, and entrepreneur/founder of Essiespice Essie Bartels.
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         -Time to play devil’s advocate here, You have interviewed many personalities, who would you say was the toughest/worst person you have ever interviewed?
Fortunately, I have never had a horrible interview. I have a special interest in all the subjects I interview so I am happy to say that I am always inspired after talking to my subjects. And this is really what the show is about; to find those interesting personalities who are influencing pan-African culture and bring their stories to the masses.

– Who was the most interesting?

Femi Kuti was one of my most interesting personalities. He is the type of person that says what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say. I admire his courage and his ability to articulate his vision for Africa. He is fearless and stands by what he believes. He is every interviewer’s dream.  So I am very fortunate I got to interview him on the pilot season.

– Sad but true, men most often find it easy shuffling between careers and family, you being a proud mama and wife, how difficult is it holding down the household and maintaining a successful career?
I’ve learned that it’s all about balance. I am not perfect and will never be perfect at everything, but I do the best I can and keep on moving. Its very tough, but I believe that women have the innate capability to handle it all.The modern African woman doesn’t have to choose between a career or a family. She can really have it all. That’s the beauty of it,  and I want every young woman to know that.
sandra appiah
– You made the 2013 Forbes list of Successful African Entrepreneurs Under 30. Do you feel the pressure to exceed society’s expectations?
The only pressure I feel is the expectations I have set for myself. I will be happy as long as I accomplish what i feel in my heart that I’m called here to do. Its never about man’s expectation, because that can be limiting. Each day, I strive to be better than the previous day and move a step closer to the goals ive set for myself. That’s enough for me because life is not a race, and I  understand that the only person I’m in competition with is myself.
 – Finally any tips for the young African looking forward to becoming a successful entrepreneur like yourself?
My advice is that you should always try to be different. Don’t go where everyone is going, but rather take the road that has never been traveled and leave a trail. The reward is greater.
Catch the pilot episode of The Sandra Appiah Show below:

Images via : Face2faceAfrica and Facebook

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