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How many African acts come into mind when you think of the genre Neo-Soul? To be honest not many cross my mind. Today we chit chat with one such acts who is breaking the norm in her own eclectic style.

Armed with a degree in law from the University of Jos, Lindsey Abudei is a singer/songwriter who is gradually taking over the Nigerian Neo Soul music scene a step at a time.  In an era where dance music rules, Lindsey says she does not intend on transitioning into an Afrobeats artiste anytime soon. In her own words, she describes her genre of choice as “the genre that lets me mirror the sides to Lindsey.” Interesting huh?

Catch the feature where she dishes out on working with rappers MI and Jesse Jagz, her experience on one of the biggest talent shows – Project Fame, plus I try to find out if she feels any pressure to do better than Afro pop Singer Chidinma who was her fellow competitor on the talent series and also find out my little embarrassing moment.   Lets get talking.

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YS: What inspires you?

L:  Anything and everything;My experiences,the experiences of others,conversations,news stories,science even.

YS:  In 2010, you participated in the talent reality series Project Fame, tell us about your experience?

L: It was a good learning platform for me especially when it came to performing on stage.

YS: Lovely, now let me be a little nosy here. Chidinma, who is pretty much one of the most sought after acts in Africa at the moment also took part in the same season of Project Fame as you did, do you feel any pressure to strive to do better?

Yes, she was. You asking that makes it seem like it’s a competition when it actually isn’t. I have got my own genre(Neo Soul/Alternative) just as she has got hers. Striving to be better is more of a requirement and need than just something done out of pressure for me.

YS:  I love the fact that you said it is not a competition because most at times many people tend to forget to stay in their lane and focus on themselves. Let’s go back into time a little bit, briefly describe your childhood, what was it like for little Lindsey.

L: I was raised in a family where both parents were ardent music lovers.My dad especially had an eclectic taste in music.We listened to almost all genres from Country to Rock to British Pop to Soul…almost everything.That had a major effect on me.

YS:  A lot of musicians usually have specific music producers they work with most of the time, what do you look out for in a music producer?

L: I look out for a producer who is first of, an avid music listener.Someone who has got an eclectic taste in music.Someone who can interpret my songs to fit the Lindsey sound.

YS: Speaking of ”the Lindsey sound,” The video for your single ”Out the Magazine” was very unconventional, was that the plan or was it Kemi Adetiba’s (the video director) doing?

It was both of ours.

YS:  Since it was your first music video, I can bet that you have been asked countless of times why you were not in the video. Now was it a personal decision?

Out The Magazine isn’t actually my first video.I have got one for ‘Taxi’ and another for Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am(Cover) video.
Yes,I have had that question thrown at me.I like quirky.Always have.There is no set rule that says you have to be in your video.And if I’m going to be honest,I think the fact that I wasn’t in it made some curious.I like how everything worked out.

Scratch that!! Here I was thinking that was her first video, Awkwaaaaaaard. If I were in her shoes I probably would have pulled “a Kanye” stunt..Lol Now, Back to the interview:lindsey


YS: Before most people in Africa knew who MI and Jesse Jagz was, you had already worked with them. Tell us about the experience?

L: I met them when I was 17 and we had jam sessions and recordings under the Loopy umbrella before they got signed.

YS: That’s very cool,you knew them before they became household names.  Now I would like you to describe your ultimate collaboration?

L: I haven’t got one.I have got too many on my list.

YS: Alright, fair enough. In your opinion, where do you see Neo-Soul in Africa in the next 5 years?

L: I see a wider fan base for Neo Soul and her acts. A bigger demographic for Neo Soul lovers and listeners.The possibilities are endless.

YS: What’s next for Lindsey Abudei?
L: Albums,Live album,and tours…

YS: Speaking of albums, could you tell us about your upcoming album.
What inspired the songs on the album and any collaborations? Plus When should fans expect it.

L: The album is called “…And The Bass Is Queen” Working to have it out by this quarter. As per other details about the album, we’d wait and see what story it has got to tell:) *Fingers crossed*

Big thank you to Lindsey for being such a great sport

If you have not seen it yet, check out the video to her song Out The Magazine ( yeah the one that I thought was her first music video)


Images via Instagram & twitter @Misslind_sea

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