#LivingOnABudget : 5 Tips On What To Invest Your Money In


It is absolutely impossible to go to a restaurant and after having a full course meal you tell the waiter you want to pay with love or integrity. Regardless of how important these virtues are you can never live off them. I bet you are familiar with the phrase “Time changes,” well what was sold for 3 Ghana Cedis five years ago is probably sold at a much higher price now. As such, you must always think of new ways to double your income so can live comfortably no matter how low your income is.

Here are my top 5 tips on what to invest your money in for all my people living on a budget.

1.  Invest In Yourself.

In a world that is constantly changing the worst thing you can do is remain stagnant. You always need to think of new ways to upgrade yourself. Whether it is enrolling in a short course program or learning a new skill. There are several ways that can help you earn some extra cash in the future. But you must note that these must be things you are passionate about. Not because make up artistry or photography is the new “it” career then by hook or crook that is going to be your next side hustle. You are the only one that knows what other things motivate you. Think, choose wisely and invest in yourself.

2.  Have A Savings Account.

Now this is a necessity, I cannot stress on this any harder especially if you are above 18 years. Luckily many banks have made it very flexible for everyone to open a savings account with a minimum amount of money. Although the interest rate is not much at least you know your money is 90 percent safe.

3. Have A Piggy Bank

piggy bank


A Piggy bank aka “susu box” (in Ghana) is one of the easiest ways to have quick access to some cash in times of need. They say “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” Well my ocean is still a valley cause I constantly visit my piggy bank every month. But when you are dedicated  unlike me, I believe you can have a manageable sum of money annually. The best part is you do not necessarily have to put in a huge amount of money in your “susu box”

4. Life Insurance

I do not have one yet but that is most definitely on my to do list. Although the Insurance industry on this side of town can be a little sketchy, like every other venture there  are credible ones. No one knows the future besides the man upstairs, so its always good to arm yourself.

5. Buy A House And Rent It Out.

I bet you would love to be known as a landlord, now after you have constantly lived on a budget, saved up some cash,  bought your house and have done what needs to be done in your life. The best venture that can assure you of monthly/annually income is renting out your own house. (not the one you live in)  Compare that to starting a business. There are many uncertainties when it comes to starting up a business, you need A LOT of patience and foresight. Plus not everybody is business-minded

I hope this helped. What some of the things you invest your money in?


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