#ChitChat With Ghana’s Best Male Model Of The Year 2015 – Stephen Kojo Owusu


It takes alot of gut and hard work to become a successful model, especially in a country where the fashion industry is still developing. One of such dedicated models is Stephen Kojo Owusu. From running his own pub to becoming a finalist of The Spirited Actor Reality Show, Stephen shows us that he is not just a hot guy with a pretty face. In this feature, he dishes on why he decided to take on such a career, his rise to success and I bet I am not the only one wondering how lucrative is the modelling business in Ghana. Well then let’s get to it…

Besides yourself which Ghanaian model would you say has been a game changer.

Victoria Michaels is really doing a great job in the fashion industry in Ghana.

How do you feel after winning the Male Model of the year 2015 Award at the Ghana Fashion Icon Awards?

– Its a great feeling to work so hard and being recognised as the best in your country. The scary part is to keep up and make good use of the platform.


Is this your first award?

I was the winner for 2012 Mr Model Universe Ghana competition.

Interesting, why did you decide to venture into modelling?

– I have so much passion modeling and also I was mostly approached by people teling me to get into it because I have the potential. I had no option than to embark on my modeling adventure.

How lucrative is a modelling career in Ghana, does it pay the bills?

– Its not enough to pay your bills but it really helps alot when you have other stuff doing on the side. I started my own business out of frustration because it can be a bit challenging when you have to work for others.


Becoming your boss is liberating huh? Anyway I know you work constantly with designer – Abrantie, so besides him who is/has been your favourite fashion designer to work with?

–  Patrick Asante “House of Eccentric” he is very passionate about his work.

What’s the worst fashion shoot or show you have ever had?

-That’s a strong one.. there have been a few bad jobs hear and there.

Which modelling job would you say put your career on the map?

– When I became 2008/09 face of Zain now airtel. The first male model to be signed for that brand.

That’s lovely. Now lets be a little vain…Models are known to be obsessed with their physical appearance, what’s your beauty and health regime?

– As a model your looks are very important. I am a bit unique with my new look i.e my locks. I try hard to train twice a week when I’m very busy but 5 times when I’m not very busy.  I am very selective with my eating to make sure my body is always in shape and healthy.  I take in alot of vegetables and fruits.  Fridays are my dancing nite , I’m talking about 4 hours of serious Kizomba at Commodore Guest house “sky lounge”. Dancing is a very healthy practice that entertain and keeps you fit.


Now that’s quite intense. On a lighter note what was your first modelling job?

-Accra Fashion Week 2008 at Coconut Groove under my maiden agency Exotic models.

Do you suffer from any stereotypes or prejudice in terms of your career choice?

– It gets frustrating sometimes and even horrible when you actually starting. I knew what I wanted and the desire to be the best. I had a dream and I was professionally and strongly living it. God has been very good to me.

How about the ladies, I hear the male models have all the fun, how true is this? Do women easily draw to you once they know you are a model?

As beautiful flowers attract butterflies so do good male models attract ladies. Its just a reality. Ladies love good stuff and the best of everything and so it gives them no chance so far as we are concern. Regardless of all that every model must learn to be very professional and strong morally.

If you had the chance to change anything in the Ghanaian fashion industry, what would it be?

– I would love to change alot but I think will rather wish or advice alot of investors to come  support the industry because Fashion in Ghana is really growing very fast.


Does Ghana’s Male Model of the year have any wise words for upcoming models?

I will like them to follow their dreams. They should be very humble, hard working and most importantly take good care of their body which is an asset. A plus would have to be identifying their potentials and develop it to the international standard.

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Big thank you to Stephen Kojo Owusu

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