#BeInspired Fashion Designer/Stylist Toyin Lawani Gets Candid About Her Terrifying Fibroid Experience


There is definitely a God! Nigeria fashion designer/entrepreneur Toyin Lawani of Tiannah Styling yesterday shared very sensitive information of herself to her fans and anyone who cared via social media. In the post she revealed her horrifying fibroid experience and other complications she suffered during her last pregnancy.

Get ready cause this is quite lengthy

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“I choose to tell u my story today Number one (1), I keep everything under the wraps because of the negativity out there. Ninety (90) percent of my life doesn’t make it to the internet. I have been through alot in my life but I will let you read all the truth inmy book and watch my reality show #LifeOfAnEntrepreneur

Sidenote: At this point I’m thinking hmmm is this for promo or what? But let’s continue

A lot of people send me DMs/emails saying how perfect I am, how they want to be like me, how strong I am, asking how I manage to run twenty (20) businesses and take care of my 2 kids at the same time. I promised myself to always keep going to encourage the people I inspire.This powerful strong woman you see is not perfect. I have my pains, I cry too especially when I’m misjudged, I have been betrayed and stabbed in the back severally by friends but I promised myself I was going to make a change for the ladies in the industry so I put all my talent to use.I keep pushing even when they drag my name in the mud. I never show weakness because I hate pity but today, I’ll tell you this, If not for my PR, I’ll post all I went through during the last ten (10) days, but it’s too horrific but I insisted they televised it for my reality show.


When I had @lilatmfashionista,Tiannah (her first child btw) I bled all through the pregnancy, not knowing I was even pregnant till about 5 months.
3 years after I had her, I was having stomach pains and bleeding heavily through my periods. I went to see my gynaecologist, he said I had three (3) small fibroids and we agreed to take them out through laparoscopic surgery.I woke up thinking it was done. He said it was on my womb, that I would lose my womb if he did it. I didn’t sign for them to open me up, that they had to do it through major surgery. he said one was on my bladder which made me pee myself when I cough in public and it gave me terrible back pains and leg pains. He advised me to have another baby before the surgery.
Years after, I got pregnant with (my son) @lordmaine1 despite the consequences, my partner insisted I had the baby. I found out I was pregnant at 4 months like the first time cause I was having periods due to the fibroids. At 5 months, I was bedridden, I had a lot of pains from from the pregnancy. I flew to my gynaecologist in the UK. He said I had something called Red degeneration where the fibroids suck the blood from the baby and doesn’t make it grow, same day I found out I had gestational diabetes, I thought I was going to lose the baby, they changed my diet, I went through non-stop pains till about 7 months, later the baby started growing well and so were the 3 fibroids. They put my sugar levels on check during this period.

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With all the pains, I even had a fashion show in the UK @AFWLANDAFWN (i.e Africa Fashion Week London) and no one knew what I was going through, even after the show, I still ended up at the hospital the next day. They couldn’t give me any serious medication all through my pains because it could affect the baby. Just pain killers so I had to bear the pain. In all this, one day I was sleeping at home and someone sent me a blog story, I read a lot of horrible things about the paternity of my child with a series of lies just to pull me and my brand which I have worked so hard for down. This worsened my health badly but my partner and mother-in-law stood by me all through. Taking care of me and with prayers, they never doubted me once.
During this period, I couldn’t walk, eat, bath myself not talk. Thanks to my partner and brother, they used to bath
me and also a sister God sent to me.
The pain stopped at about 7 months, a lot of my old staff had left me by then but I raised a team of interns and worked until I was 8 months and 2 weeks, because like everyone, we have bills to pay. I even lost my home and former shops. After I had the baby, I started working on my new site; Tiannah’s Place Empire quietly…leaving some details out but you can read it in my book.

Next day after my birthday on the 2nd of March, I was having fun with family at Federal Palace (ie the a hotel), I started bleeding chunks of blood nonstop. I was rushed to Reddington (ie a hospital) and collapsed when we got there.
They stopped the bleeding and pleased with me to do the surgery but I kept postponing it because I didn’t want to lose my womb. It happened again but this time, I couldn’t fly out, a friend told me about a very good Lebanese Hospital and they rushed me there, took the 3 fibroids out and saved my womb. I was so scared of the scar from the surgery but to my surprise, it’s so thin. It’s unbelievable, when I see people with CS (ie caesarian section) scars, I’m like Hell No. Well, I think God for my life and my family for standing by me on my sick bed. Thanks to the wonderful doctors @celebdr Dr Diya you are a wonderful man, Dr Wake, Dr Oke, Dr Valerie, they all made me feel at home. Too many jokes from them and thanks to my online Team Tiannah and my 40 members of staff at Tiannah’s Place Empire that kept the business going and ladies, please check yourselves regularly, imagine if I was so far from the hospital? This is how people bleed to death. Lord, I thank you for your continuous blessings and that I can hold my kids again and have more of them…I’ll serve you forever #ATM”


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