#SelfieGoneWrong – Boy Dies After Attempting To Take A Selfie On Ninth Floor Rooftop


Now this is what happens when you allow social media to take control over your life.
Somewhere in Vologda in Russia, a seventeen year old student decided to take a selfie of himself…wait for it,

dangling off a nine storey building. The boy climbed to roof top of the structure and guess what? He even had a friend with him! Backed by a rope and of course his cell phone the boy headed towards the edge of the rooftop and lowered himself downwards. Unfortunately, his beloved rope failed him.
Reports say he was rushed to the hospital after suffering from severe injuries but sadly he died two hours later.


Apparently this not the first time he has pulled such a stunt. During the investigation, the local police could not identify him but photos from his Instagram account with the username @drewsssik from his mobile phone show evidence of similar extreme instances.


Deets of the story via – Mirror

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