Model Noami Schimada Talks About The Dark Side Of Plus Size Modelling



There are always stories of women of colour being racially profiled in the modelling industry. However when it comes to what size a model should be, most people just assume that a model must be super thin. But we tend to forget that the clothes are being advertised to the average person who probably is not a size zero. So then why should all models be that size.


In a recent interview with UK’s Observer, a model and television host; Naomi Shimada dishes on the harsh reality of plus size modelling.


She says…

“I’m 28 and a size 16, and “plus” still feels like a dirty word in the fashion world. There’s such fear and paralysis and shame and confusion associated with anything size-related.”

“Plus-size modelling starts at size 12 which obviously I thought was crazy. But I see now it’s just the language. It just means “plus” in comparison to the super thin”

“Brands need to stop thinking that everyone who is bigger wants to hide it.”

Do you agree with Naomi?

Images via The Guardian

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