Highlights of Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week (Day 2) – Orange Culture, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Josh Samuels & More



The second day  of the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015 showcased the likes of Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Orange Culture, Orente Ayaba, Orange Culture, Josh Samuels and a whole lot more. From risqué to classy pieces, check out the various collections below:

E.A 24 E.A 23 E.A 22 E.A 21 E.A20 E.A19 E.A18 E.A17 E.A16 E.A15 E.A13 E.A12 E.A10 E.A9 E.A7 E.A6 E.A5 E.A4 E.A3 E.A2 E.A1

E.A 29

Josh Samuels

josh samuels10 josh samuels9 josh samuels8 josh samuels7 josh samuels6 josh samuels5 josh samuels4 josh samuels3 josh samuels2 josh samuels15 josh samuels1 josh samuels

Orange Culture

orange culture14 orange culture13 orange culture12 orange culture 13 orange culture11 orange culture10 orange culture9 orange culture6 orange culture5 orange culture4 orange culture3 orange culture2 orange culture1 orange culture


Images via Kola Oshalusi

Instagram: @yaasomuadaily

Twitter: @yaasomuah

Facebook: YaaSomuah.Com




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