Are Nigerians Overachievers? Hollywood Actress Uzo Aduba Gets Candid In An Interview


You can’t deny the fact that Nigerians seem to have a strong global presence. In a recent interview with Uptown Magazine, Hollywood actress Uzo Aduba who is of Nigerian descent was asked if she thought Nigerians were ”overachievers with an unparalleled ambition and hustle.”

The thirty-four year old actress said…

“Yes, there is a commitment to excellence. We were exposed to everything. My parents were less interested in what the pursuit was, so long as you pursued it with excellence. That is really the Nigerian mentality: putting your best self into it. It’s not about being number one, but no Nigerian parent will ever complain about that! My mom always said ‘I have never heard of nothing coming from hard work. I don’t know when it will come, but it will come.’”



She also dished on how she’s handling her new found fame and success. Uzo said

”It has afforded me opportunities. I am here working on this incredible movie right now with Oscar-nominated actors which is a direct result of my work on Orange. Before, if someone called my name on the street, I knew that the person knew me. Now, if someone calls my name they may not know me, but they are very clear on what my name is and my resume! That’s new. My family dynamic and dear friends have not changed. I have been introduced to amazing people that I have looked up to and respected over the years and to now call them colleagues and friends is amazing. But, really, as far as my personal life, the only thing that has changed is my apartment!”



Full interview @ Uptown Magazine




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