Good Deeds! Indiana Professor Creates African Inspired Accessories To Support Kenyan Children Living With HIV

At least this time we don’t get to see Black children with the inscription ” I’m from Africa, please help me!”



During a trip to Kenya, Rachel Christine Vreeman , a Director of Research of the Indiana University Center for Global Health was inspired to create African printed bow ties and pocket squares when she saw the status of children living with HIV .

Rachel who apparently could not stop talking about the situation said….

”The whole family might be seriously discriminated against, People lose jobs, they are forced out of their homes. There is a lot of really terrible stuff that happens. And HIV is still really seen as a death sentence. Although that’s not true. That’s how everyone still sees it.”

rachel vreeman owner_and_founder

She could have delved into a million and one things to raise funds but the reason why Rachael and attorney Dominique Price begun ‘The Pocket Square Project’ was because they both had a keen interest in fashion and Vreeman usually wore clothes made of traditional kitenge fabric everytime she found herself in Kenya.

traditional kitenge




What Vreeman does is, she pays a couple of volunteers to make the accessories and she takes them back (home) to the U.S to be sold. The proceeds from the project have currently been used to pay for a traveling psychiatrist to be able to meet with children and also a fifteen (15) team soccer tournament for the upcoming World AIDS Day in Kenya





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