Men’s Fashion: South Africa’s Hauz Of Lenze Presents Their Latest Collection

The New Man is the latest collection from South African fashion label Hauz of Lenze.  Fellas if you want to dress to impress then, Creative Director of the brand Brian-Shiraz Ndienze says….

”The New Man, a man who is confident, strong, capable and not afraid to take risk and break other fashion rules. An intelligent smart man who can use a piece of wrap to create an amazing fashion statement.”

Preach! Check out the spring/summer 2016 collection which consist of Ankara and other chic fabrics below:


HauzOfLenze4 HauzOfLenze3 HauzOfLenze2 HauzOfLenze1 HauzOfLenze 9 HauzOfLenze 8 HauzOfLenze 7 HauzOfLenze 6 HauzOfLenze 5 HauzOfLenze 4 HauzOfLenze 3

Are you digging the collection?

You can reach Hauz of Lenze on:

Tel: +27 74 774 9631

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