Fabulous Looks From Coke Studio Africa

If you are a fan of the Pan-African music show; Coke Studio Africa, then you have probably noticed the beautiful display of African fashion. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, well no problem. Bet you would love to check out a couple of stunning looks anyway.

Kenyan Stylist Fauzie aka Ms fawwie could probably win the best teacher award if she ever decides to tutor a Fashion 101 class. The Nairobi native is responsible for almost all the celebrity looks you are about to see.






Singer’s Victoria Kimani and Avril were both styled in Nur Clothing, a designer from Kenya


omar adelino

Mozambican singer Neyma’s ensemble is from her fellow countryman Omar Adelino.

Catch other fab scenes below:


Are you loving any of the outfit choices so far?


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