African Gay Couple Welcomes Baby Girl Via Surrogacy

You would agree with me that the topic about homosexuality is still a very dicey subject in Africa right?


Two South African guys who are obviously helplessly in love decided to forget what everybody else thinks and get a baby.  Sabelo Sithole-Gabuza who is  27 years and 28 year old Sibusiso Gabuza said they could have adopted but surrogacy seemed to be the perfect fit.

The couple said they were very excited when their friend Xoli Shelembe opted to carry their egg. They stated that…

”She met all surrogate requirements, which is two kids, have a job, and be mentally and physically healthy.”

Gabuza whose late dad was a pastor, detailed how he was ridiculed when he came out of the closet.

”Everyone was shocked. I was the talk of the village. Some family members were saying I was insulting the ancestors and my late father”


What do you think?

Story via Sowetan


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