Meet Florence Adepoju: The Young Entrepreneur Who Created A Lipstick Line For Black Girls

florence adepoju

24  year old Florence Adepoju has all that black magic and more! At the age of seventeen (17) while working at a cosmetic counter, Florence was very frustrated as to why there were not that many lipstick shades which suited women of color

She described her frustration in an interview with New York Times by stating that…

”Everyone on the counter would get one, and I’d be like, ‘That’s not the right shade for me,’”

So what do you do when you do not get what you want?  Well Ms. Adepoju spent four years earning an Applied Chemistry degree in cosmetics and she can now brag as the creator of MDM Flow. A lipstick brand which caters to all black girls around the globe.

mdm flow1

The collection consist of handmade rose-scented lipsticks in different shades such as orange, emerald green and blue. You can find Florence’s Lipstick line in leading stores such as Colette in Paris, Top Shop in the U.K (Oxford Circus)  and online via Nast Gal

Are you inspired by Florence Adepoju’s achievement?


Story spotted at New York Times

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