Sam Sarpong’s Sister Breaks Down Whilst Discussing Her Brother’s Suicide



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Last year, the tragic news of presenter, actor and model Sam Sarpong’s death shook the world of many pop of culture enthusiasts. A lot of people could not understand why a man who appeared to have everything would take his own life.(click here if you missed it) June Sarpong, a television presenter and the only sibling of Sam Sarpong has finally come out to disclose to the public about her brother’s death

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In a very candid interview with Loose Women, a program on ITV (UK), she said..

”It’s been a tough time for my family and I, 2015 was the worst year of our lives.”

”We were all shocked because there were no signs. There was nothing that could lead anybody to believe that this was even possible”

Watch the heartfelt two part video below:






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