iRoko TV Boss Unmoved By Netflix’s Global Domination

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Isn’t it nice when you are the only one/brand dominating in a particular field? When Netflix announced their global domination many critics taught (or probably still think) that was going to be the end of Nollywood content provider iROKO TV.

Netflix now caters to almost all of iROKO TV’s target audience, so you kind of have to understand why some people where sending R.I.P messages to the African brand.

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In a recent blog post by the founder of the online streaming service Jason Njoku, he gave a lengthy explanation as why his four year old company was going nowhere.

Well if you don’t have time to read the entire post, here are the excerpts:

”People fail to remember that Netflix is an 18 year old company. 18 years they have been refining their skills at getting people to subscribe for content. They are just awesome at it. But Africa is a little different.”


”What iROKO is, and has largely always been known for, is the home of Nollywood. Home and abroad. The strange thing about the mourners of iROKO is they always mention how most of our subscribers are in the West. Yup US and UK represent ~55% of our subscription base. ”

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”Netflix being in Nigeria has zero impact on iROKO and our vision for the future. If it’s Nollywood fanatics, you know those guys can watch 3-5 hours per day, so Irokotv is still the only place they can find most of what they are looking for. Considering we are one of the biggest actual producers of Nollywood, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In time, we will be able to produce 200 movies a year ourselves, no shaking. And with the evident collapse of the DVD market, this only makes us stronger”


Well a little healthy competition doesn’t hurt right?

Click here to read Jason’s entire post




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