Black & Fabulous Dolls Launched By Caribbean Model


No offence but how many women of colour wish they could go back into time and play with dolls that actually look like them and not Pam Anderson? I know I do. The emergence of black dolls has become such a beautiful movement.

Mala Byran, a Caribbean model who is originally from St. Lucia has launched a new line of dolls titled Malaville that acknowledges not only black queens but natural and curly hair

Mala_Dolls_2441_1024x1024 Mhina_pic_large Malina_pic_large Mala_pic_large Maisha_pic_large

According to the brands website ”Malaville is a wonderful place of make-believe, where everything is possible¬†and dreams come true. ”

For now the dolls cost $20.00

What do you think of these setoff dolls?



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