Nigerian Actor Dayo Okeniyi Stars In Jennifer Lopez’ s ‘Shades Of Blue’ Series

Our African stars are gradually taking over Hollywood! From John Boyeya to Lupita Nyong’o to Abraham Attah I could go on…but you get my drift right? Nigerian born actor Dayo Okeniyi would star along side Jennifer Lopez in NBC’s drama series dubbed Shades Of Blue

Dayo Okeniyi


The film star who burst into the movie scenes when he played Thresh in Hunger Games describes his first encounter with J.Lo in an interview with People Magazine as quite intimating but a great experience . He said….

dayo-okeniyi-jennifer lopez

”It was amazing, because to be honest, I was nervous about it initially, just getting on a show with her, because she’s the lead of the show, she’s in every scene”

”Three weeks into the show was her birthday, and she had the whole cast come over to the Hamptons to her house. We were on a yacht with her, it’s almost hard to believe, because when you see her there’s this diva image. She’s so larger than life. So to be in her house just chilling with her and her kids and just being so open about talking about the craft and talking about the show, she really really loves the show and really wants it to work and is so passionate about it.”

Gotta love Jenny from the block. Check out the trailer below


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