Hot & Sexy! South Africa’s Shashi Naidoo Covers Previdar Magazine



Move over,  South African model and Television personality Shashi Naidoo is here to slay! The 35 year old star is smoking hot in the latest issue of Previdar Magazine.


Shashi dishes on her divorce, transitioning from an everyday model to becoming a business owner, plus she credits Bonang Matheba as her style icon

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On transitioning from a model to having her own business she said…

I found it to be quite easy. Having the background of a model, I knew exactly what I wanted and how I was going to make it happen. I think that enabled me to better represent models.”




When asked about how does she compare the “Fresh out of divorce Shashi” to the current Shashi?  She said..

”I made the decision at the back end of something difficult in my life. I needed to get away from it all and I think that it was the best decision to remind me that I can shut myself off and focus because most of the time, shutting off is a fantasy! It’s what we talk of doing but never do so I’m definitely more inclined to taking chances now. I’m a lot more selfish now, putting emphasis on what Shashi needs.”


 On how she got into the modelling industry, she revealed…

”I was studying in JHB and I had 4 part time jobs and one of them was at a florist. I’d deliver flowers to different agencies and one visit proved to be the one that would change my thinking. I delivered to a lady at an ad agency and she asked “Are you here for the casting?” and I replied “No, I’m just here to drop off the flowers” and then she asked me to do the casting, did the casting and booked my first job and then I thought, well “wow”, I think I can do this!”




Photography: Lawrence Manyapelo

Make Up by Muzi

Styled by Bontlefeela Mogoye

Jewellery: Ntozinhle accessories



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