Must See! The New Vlisco ‘Woven Wisdom’ Collection



Ladies if you love statement pieces then you might want to check out the latest Vlisco collection dubbed ‘Wooven Wisdom’ The collection takes us back to the era of chic and classy 50’s silhouettes.

Check it out below


wooven wisddom4



wooven wisdom4

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah

wooven wisdom2

wooven wisdom1

wooven wisdom3

wooven wisom5

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah1

wooven wisdom =yaasomuah

wooven wisdom-yasomuah4

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah2

wooven wisdom yaasomuah

wooven wisdom5

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah3


wooven wisdom-yaasomuah 1

wooven wisom--yaasomuah

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah4

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah5

wooven wisdom--yaasomuah

wooven wisdom=yaasomuah-

wooven wisom--yaasomuah-1




wooven wisom--yaasomuah-4

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah-0

wooven wisom--yaasomuah-5

wooven wisdom---yaasomuah-

woovem wisdom--yaasomuah

wooven wisdom--yaasomuah,1

wooven wisdom-yaasomuah.2

wooven wisdom

wooven wisdom 1

wooven wisdom 4

wooven wisdom 3


If you reside in Accra the ready to wear collection is available at the brands boutique at the Accra Mall

If not then don’t worry find more deets on




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