Valentines Day Fever! Nouva Couture Presents “Lady Valentina” Collection


Ladies while you prepare for date night with your bae or even with the girls on February the 14th, check out this new collection from Nigerian fashion label Nouva Couture dubbed ‘Lady Valentina”


The brand reveals that..

”The idea behind Lady Valentina, meaning “the Lady behind Valentine”, is a French dame who portrays her beauty, strength and confidence through love. She exemplifies her aura through roses and patterns, which depict her beauty, confidence, intelligence and royalty. Amidst these impeccable qualities, Lady Valentina is also playful, independent and supportive.”

View the rest of the collection below


Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-12 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-11 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-9 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016--0 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-8 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-7 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-6 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-5 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-2 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-1 Nouva-Couture-Lady-Valentina-February-2016-


Styled & Designed by@NouvaCouture
Makeup by@Beautywise_Bola
Jewelry by – Phusah by Nouva
Art Direction@TheStyle_Concierge
One armed chair by@housetohomeinterior





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