Nigerian Medical Scientist Takes Over Instagram With ‘Hijarbie’. A Barbie For Muslim Girls

Love how Barbie dolls have taken a totally different turn in terms of racial and cultural diversity. Not only are there Black and Caucasian dolls but now Muslim girls can play with dolls that look just like them. Haneefah Adam, a Nigerian medical scientist with a degree in Pharmacology, decided that it was about time the world got a chance to see life through the eyes of a Muslim girl.

In an interview with CNN, Haneefah revealed that..

”I thought I had not seen Barbie dressed in a hijab before so I decided to open an Instagram account and dressed Barbie up in the clothes that I made. I thought it was really important for a doll to be dressed like how I would be.”

”People think that when Muslim women cover up they are forced to. (The) majority of us are not, we want to cover up and express our religion. But a lot of Muslims don’t cover their hair and it doesn’t make them any less of a Muslim.”

On her page Haneefah says the reason why the dolls are currently white is because…

”I couldn’t find the different types in Nigeria (no Amazon or eBay or anything, Lol), I’d have loved to dress up a black doll myself too. I’ve ordered for some internationally and they’ll soon be here 😅 I basically started with what I had. ”

The 24 year old also runs a modest lifestyle brand dubbed Hanie Collection.

What do you think of her initiative?

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