Olajumoke Is Still Making Headlines: The Bread Seller Turned Model Is Featured On Huffington Post & Buzzfeed

When God’s grace takes you to places you could have never imagined! The inspiring story of the Nigerian bread seller turned model Olajumoke Orisaguna has now gone global.

OLAJUMOKE this day style 3

Popular UK publication Huffington Post recently wrote an article about the Nigerian girl.

The story was labelled  ”How To Get A Modelling Contract: Olajumoke Orisaguna Scouted After Accidentally Walking Into Tinie Tempah Photo Shoot”

huffington post


tinie tempah ty bello


As if that was not enough Buzz Feed also wrote an article about Olajumoke and if you caught our previous blog post about the new model on the block’s latest Instagram account then might have seen on her page that there is a possibility Olajumoke would be featured on CNN.


Who said God doesn’t exist? Love it!

You can check out both features here:






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