The Kardashian Effect! Raven Symoné Says She Was Pushed Away Because Of Kendall Jenner

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Hate them or love them, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have a lot of influence on popular culture. Actress and TV host Raven Symoné recently revealed that she was pushed aside on the red carpet at the Zoolander 2 movie premiere in the US because of Kendall Jenner.


She revealed to her co hosts on the view that..

”I’m on the carpet – and I understand there’s rise and fall of people’s celebrity. I get it. I definitely respect those who get it”

”’However, I’m doing an interview with someone and the producer of this show . Can I touch you Joy? (her co host) I don’t want to hurt you – and she goes like this, Move! Move! Get Kendall! Get out of the way!”‘

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

”What happened then is I looked at her and said, “I’m sorry, I guess this tall… I guess she’s more important than everyone else. That’s fine but you don’t have to hit me to get somebody else’s interview.”

Lol…poor Raven. Take a look at video below:




Video Credit: YouTube/TheView

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