Great News! Angola Discovers 404.2 Carat Diamond Worth Over $12 Million Dollars

Now this is the kind of diamond you definitely need security for. An Australian mining company working in Angolan named Lucapa Diamond has discovered a humongous 404.2 carat diamond.


Apparently the establishment has been working in Angola for over a year and this is the biggest gemstone ‘they’ have ever come across in the Lunda Norte province, Western Angola.

Angola is the third largest producer of diamond in Africa and sources say this is the 27th biggest diamond in the world. It is estimated to worth over $12 million dollars.

If you are wondering what the company plans on using the revenue from the sale of the diamond for, well according to Mr. Miles Kennedy, Chairman of Lucapa Diamond, he plans on using the earnings from the sale of the gemstone to improve the running of Lucapa

Ladies wouldn’t you love this diamond as gift?





Spotted @ VenturesAfrica ~NBC News

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