Nigerian Girls Recused From Bokom Haram Receive Hostile Welcome

Was the #BringBackOurGirls campaign in vain? Remember when the entire world turned their attention on the Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram?

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Photo: Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

It  seems some of the girls rescued from the camp of the militant group are currently being rejected by their families. Now that’s sad, imagine yourself in the shoes any of the girls, you think you are finally coming back home to your family after a horrific incedent only to receive a not so happy ending.

Photo: wikipedia

Apparently the girls who were sexually mistreated and unfortunately now have children or are expecting children for some of the members of rebel group receive the worst treatment from their families.

”When I think of the baby that will come, it disturbs me a lot because I always ask myself this question: Will the child also behave like JAS?”  –  One pregnant woman’s reports (according to New York Times )

In a post by Take Part (an online publication) A  joint report from UNICEF and human rights group International Alert claim that..

”People treat the former captives with mistrust over fears the women have become radicalized supporters of the extremists.”

bring back our girls

”The babies may be innocent, but they are seen by locals as being infected with “bad blood” from their rapist Boko Haram fathers,  There is a belief that, like their fathers, the children will inevitably do what hyenas do and ‘eat’ the innocent dogs around them”



This is so heart-breaking, don’t you agree?

Spotted at & New York Times




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