Danai Gurira Talks Passionately About ‘Telling The African Story,’ Growing Up In Zimbabwe & More


Guess Stacy Dash needs to take note. What do when cannot find or connect with stories about your culture? Well actress Danai Gurira who is of Zimbabwean descent wrote a kick a*s stage play scheduled for Broadway.




In an interview on PBS’s News Hour Danai speaks passionately about how she wants women of color to easily find tales about themselves,  growing up in Zimbabwe and the creation of Eclipsed; a stage play which features Ghana’s Akosua Busia, Lupita Nyong’o from Kenya among a host of others.

One note worth statement the actress made was that…

”If you are constantly, only dealing  with stories that are not of the people you are from, not from where you are from,  not from your heritage, that can function as a disadvantage”

”I went to grad school because I wanted to learn the rules so I would know how to break them”

Love it! Watch the feature below


Video Via YouTube.com/PBSNewsHour


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