‘Enough I Speak Out’ – Tanzania’s Millen Magese Holds Campaign Against Endometriosis In Abuja

milen magese 1

”Someone might discourage you saying there is no Endometriosis in African Women ….. Darling as long as you were born with a uterus and started having your periods.. You’re among 1 out of 10 women to have Endometriosis. The sooner we speak the sooner we set the best path to our daughters . This is a Legacy No Parent wish to leave to their daughters”

milen magese

This is what Tanzanian supermodel and BET honouree Millen Magese recently shared in a post during her ‘Enough I Speak Out’ Campaign against Endometriosis held in Abuja Nigeria.

enough i speak out

Peep what went down below:





Image credit @ladivamillen


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