Watch Nigerian Actress Dolapo Oni Star In Purge At Lagos Theatre Festival 2016

Who is up for a week of creative arts entertainment, in case if you missed an earlier post the Lagos Theatre Festival is back for the second time.


It starts from the 23rd–28th February 2016 in a bigger and better way. As per press release, The festival will take place at several venues on Lagos Island and the Mainland with a curated programme running alongside a fringe strand, allowing a greater than ever number of artists and audiences to take part.

”Purge is a play to look out for during the festival. It tells the story of the world’s most brutal game of friendship maintenance; in which someone gives strangers one minute to decide which of his Facebook friends to keep or delete.

The deleting is real, the pace is maniacal, the results are final. New York-born, London-based artist Brian Lobel brings Purge to Lagos with performers Marcy Dolapo Oni and Gideon Okeke, who will defend their friends, share tales of love and loss, and explore this strange world of social media and friendships which are added/deleted with the click of a button.”

Show Dates and Time:

6pm, 24th February 2016

6pm, 25th February 2016

6pm, 26th February 2016

6pm, 27th February 2016

5pm, 28th February 2016

Venue: The Museum, Freedom Park Tickets: N3000 Regular, N5000 VIP Call 0803 444 8812 or visit Terrakulture and Freedom park for tickets.

Purge is a curated show for the British Council Lagos Theatre Festival 2016





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