Ajak Deng Quits Modelling. Says She Is Tired Of ‘The Fakes & Lies’

There have been countless stories about racism in the international modelling industry but could this be the reason why Sudanese model Ajak Deng is leaving the fashion industry?

Ajak At Zac Posen’s New York Fashion Week showcase

The Australian based model who has worked with high fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Zac Posen, today announced via social media that she is done with the world of fashion



She revealed….

”Put your best foot forward.
I am happy to announce that I am officially done with the fashion industry, I will be moving back to Australia In order to live the life that I fully deserved. Which is real life. I can no longer deal with the fakes and the lies. My life is too short for this dramatic life. I am thankful and grateful for every sweet souls that I have crossed path with.”


We will miss you Ajak. A couple of month’s back, her manager, Stephen Bucknall complained bitterly in an interview with The Daily Telegraph about how the Australian fashion market hardly hire successful ‘black’ models but are quick to hire other Caucasian models

stephen buchnall


What do you this of Ajak Deng’s decision







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