Unbelievable! Burn Survivor Shalom Nchom From Nigeria Shows How Makeup Can Totally Change Your Appearance

shalom 2

This is most likely one of the best ways of turning a horrible situation into an inspiring one. 20-year-old Shalom Nchom also known as Shalom Blac a makeup artist and YouTube vlogger who is originally from Nigeria but lives in the US experienced probably her worst nightmare when at the tender age of nine both she and her younger sister accidentally got burnt with hot oil. Her scalp and face experienced serious injuries.


Today Shalom is an advocate for self-love, she says ‘you should love yourself, makeup or no make up”

shalom 2

Watch Shalom tell her tragic story below.

Plus for all you makeup junkies, Prepare to be amazed as in the second video, the YouTube star shows us  just how make up can totally transform your appearance.


Photo and Video Credit:  YouTube.com/Shalomblac @Makeupbyshalom


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