John Boyega Shares An Interesting Story About How He Met Tom Cruise & How He Got His ‘Star Wars’ Movie Role

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What would you do if you met one of your favourite celebrities of all time? Rising British-Nigerian actor John Boyega who has really taken Hollywood by storm, shared an inspiring story about how he encountered movie superstar Tom Cruise.

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The 24 year-old actor revealed Tom and movie director JJ Abrams,  (mind you this is the director behind Boyega’s breakout role in the hit movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.) walked in when John Boyega was waiting to have a meeting with American television producer Byran Burk

Here is what the Naija boy shared on social media


Trivia: In 2012 I took a meeting with Bryan Burk at bad robot and while I was waiting in the lobby Tom cruise walked out of an editing room with JJ Abrams. (In this very moment I mentally slowed down their epic two man walk with Jayz roc boys playing in the background) JJ stopped in his tracks

JJ:  boyega right ?

JB: yeah mate (eyes on Tom cruise)

JJ: I watched you in attack the block that’s one of my favourite movies! We’re gonna get you in something.

JB: thanks mate and sure (fully not believing a word this man said because in Hollywood…well let’s not get into that)Anyway JJ left and cruise slapped my back smiled then left also.

Few years later…JJ: and energy ! Action!

Same year at baftas

Tom Cruise: so Star Wars huh?

JB: (grins) yeah mate




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