Empire Is Back! Check Out Serayah On The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine’s April Issue

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Did you know Beyoncé watches Empire? The latest season of the hit American television series Empire is on and popping. While many fans troop to their screens to catch a glimpse of the series including the Queen Bee, Serayah McNeil one of stars of the show is the latest muse for Rolling Out Magazine.


In the April issue Miss McNeil chats about how life was really tough before the show, how she felt when she heard Beyoncé was a fan of Empire, plus how she plans on taking over with her rising music career.

Peep a few highlights:serayah 4

There are so many people who watch “Empire.” Who has been the biggest celebrity to reveal to you that they watch the show and are a fan?

I would have to say Beyoncé. When I found out that she watched the show, and knew who I was, I almost fell to the floor. It was at the Grammys, right after Taylor [Swift] won Album of the Year. And so, I was going backstage to meet her. As I’m walking, I notice Beyoncé passing me. I didn’t want to miss the moment, so I reached out to her and said, “Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration,” … and she was nice, and replied, “Thank you so much.” But as she was walking away, she stopped, turns back around, and says, “Hey, I just realized who you were; you are doing such a great job,” and she gave me a hug. I literally had tears in my eyes. It was such an amazing moment, and it provided me confirmation that I am on the right track.


What was life like before the show?

Life was really hard. It was a struggle. To be honest, I didn’t even have a place to stay when I was auditioning for “Empire.” Literally, after we shot the first couple of episodes, I took my first check, and finally was able to rent an apartment. But that was my journey. I was going to school, and I was working at H&M, and it was a grind. But I truly feel that when you’re at your lowest, that’s when God can truly come in and bless you.

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Photography: DeWayne Rogers

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