Naomi Campbell Talks About Her Relationship With Idris Elba, Her New Risqué Book & More



For some time now there have been speculations about Naomi Campbell and popular british actor Idris Elba secretly dating. Well the supermodel was featured on Wendy Williams’ show today and she addressed those rumors.

Naomi was asked if she was ever in a romantic relationship with the actor and she said…

”We are very good friends, I have known Idris for like fifteen years…he is like family to me”

However she revealed that she did not want a boyfriend for three years because her previous relationship was ”traumatizing” and that she a wanted to take a break.

Shocking! Who could have hurt this fierce model? Anyway if you are a fan of the popular TV show Empire then you would know that Naomi’s character has been getting frisky with a younger character named Hakeem.

Photo via: Naomi For Yamamay
Photo via: Naomi For Yamamay

Now would Ms Campbell date a younger man? Well she said….

”I do not discriminate…for me if I’m in love, I’m in love I don’t care what age, creed”


Naomi has two new books out and one of the book covers has the Empire star completely naked!

Watch the full interview below



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