25 & Fabulous! Happy Birthday To Me


Errm can I still be 16, depending on my parents and the only thing I have to worry about is what to wear for the endless list of parties scheduled during vacation?




Turning 25 was definitely one of the moments in my life I was not looking forward to. Mainly because I had not necessarily reached most of my goals.


For some reason, this morning I remembered two instances where God saved me from near death experiences. One was when: I usually park in front of a certain shop when I go over to my mum’s workplace but for some reason that day when I parked, I just decided to reverse just few steps away from that shop so whilst I was sitting in the car checking my phone, just like a scene from a movie, this Urvan bus from no where just crashes into the shop.

Like what the f***ck?? Nobody died though,  but I was eternally grateful to God for my life.

Not to sound like a pastor but these days, the emergence of social media has made it so hard to focus on your  journey/goals. The #blessed #slayed #MeandMybae and the rubbish hashtags can just force you partake in a certain kind of lifestyle that is not necessarily for you.



So hi I am Yaa Somuah, I’m not necessarily where I want to be on my mental vision board but I’m alive, I have a roof over my head and God is good.






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