Meet GQ’s Most Stylish Men In The World: Drake, Future, Idris Elba & More

Drake and Future do not only produce fire when they put out a joint mixtape but they also make the magic happen on magazine covers too.  The duo are part of the list of 13 most stylish men


Even though his sexy ex-girlfriend Ciara refuses to recognize his existence, GQ tags  rapper Future as the ”Lord of the Brim” for his wide-brimmed hats.

Drake however is labelled as the ‘Coziest Baller” and according to the publication


”For a certain type of rich guy, luxury means comfort. It means clothes that fit loose Dressing this way is a power move. It says: I can get in anywhere without so much as a collared shirt, because I am me.”

Every ladies man crush Idris Elba, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr., Ryan Reynolds, Diplo, Harry Styles, Eddie Redmayne, Justin Trudeau, Aziz Ansari and Tom Hardy all made the list


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