Ghanaian Top Model Hamamat Montia Showcases The Beauty Of Accra In Her Own Stylish Way

hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 7

From the hectic traffic to even the occasional choked gutters it can sometimes be a little difficult to appreciate how beautiful the capital city of the Gold Coast really is.

Striking bold and fierce poses, Ghanaian top model,former beauty queen and founder of Africa Eats Now (an N.G.O) Hamamat Montia not only shows off her sense of style but the also the interesting scenes in Accra

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hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 5

hamamat 1

hamamat 2

hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah --1 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-7 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 6 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-6 1-hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah. hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-5 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-4 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-3 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah-1 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 4 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 3 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah 1 hamamat-my-accra-yaasomuah




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Photography: Creative Room Africa

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