Video: Nigerian Rappers Vector & Ikechukwu Take Shots At Each Other

Ladies and gentleman guess it’s a dog eat dog world out there. When it comes to hip-hop there is always a case of ‘big ego syndrome’

Nigerian rappers Vector, Illbliss and Ikechukwu were recently guests on HIP TV’s show The Gist.

vector ikechukwu

Even though we cannot tell how the conversation initially started, here is a snippet from the show

Ikechukwu: What have you done that it is extraordinary

Vector: I do 2 hour freestyles on radio

Ikechukwu: That’s nothing bro we do 2 hour freestyles at home

Vector: I made money of my 2 hour freestyle did you make money?



Here is the video


As usual memes have already surfaced over the internet check out this interesting video

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