Winning! Beyoncé Features Warsan Shire From Somalia On Her ‘Lemonade’ Album

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First it was award-wining Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi  Adichie who was featured on Beyoncé’s  hit song ‘Flawless.’ Now Warsan Shire a British-Somali poet and writer has scooped the gig of a lifetime. The African girl is the one behind the lyrics of the interlude you would hear on the Queen Bee’s latest album – Lemonade .

warsan shire

”For Women Who Are Difficult To Love,” ”Nail Technician As Palm Reader,” “The Unbearable Weight of Staying are all poems by Warsan that are featured on Jay Z’s wifey’s album

Warsan Shire was apparently born in Kenya but raised in the UK to Somali parents. She became London’s first Young Poet Laureate after winning Brunel University’s African poetry prize in 2013

Warzan Shire is definitely a black girl on the rise. Watch her live in action


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